About us 


77 Sushi Restaurants have been created just because we love sushi and Japanese culture. The first restaurant was opened in 2006 in Warsaw and since that time we still want to make you familiar with the secrets of Japanese cuisine with the same involvement and enthusiasm.

Our mission is to serve you products of highest quality in the fastest possible time. Sushi is being made of the freshest fish and seafood applying the traditional recipes. We focus on unique taste, natty preparation and elegant serving. Special attention is being paid to selection of proper ingredients that are ordered from reputable suppliers only.

Having Vegans and your children in mind, our Sushi Masters have prepared a special menu. We offer menu enriched with a wide selection of original Japanese teas, beers and stronger alcohols.

Japanese cuisine is considered one of the healthiest and most interesting cuisines in the world, therefore atmosphere at restaurants is crucial. We do our best to make our guests feel well at our restaurants, that is why we create friendly and cosy atmosphere.

We assure that 77 Sushi is a unique place with great atmosphere, where you can eat lunch, meet your friends, family members, colleagues, have a date or run a business meeting.

You are invited to visit our restaurants and enjoy unforgettable culinary experience.
77 Sushi Team



Do you know that

All the products are ordered from reputable and reliable suppliers who deliver only the freshest fish and seafood to all our restaurants.

Our sushi is being prepared just after you place your order and is being served in the fastest possible time. We focus on the high quality of ingredients and unique taste.

To ensure your comfort and finest taste, the quality of food and service is being systematically assessed by trained auditors and mysterious clients.