77 sushi and 77 noodle bar are leading Japanese restaurants

We love sushi. We are enthusiasts of Japanese cuisine and culture that is why we want to  share it with You.
Our mission is to serve you delicious and fresh products of highest quality. We strive  to provide you with professional and the fastest possible service, as well as to make  you feel comfortable in our interiors.
Lunch, dinner with friends or romantic evening – each time we do our best to provide  You with the best culinary experience.
All the products ordered from reputable suppliers are always fresh and of the highest quality. 
At Your special request our cooks prepare out of them dishes that you enjoy most. Great  attention is being paid to the proper temperature of rice and the weight of fish parts  compliant with the traditional recipes.
We also created a special Menu for our youngest guests. In order to make you feel  comfortable at our restaurant we offer free of charge wireless internet access to our clients. 
We are pleased to provide you with Klub 77Sushi application, thanks to which you can  receive a glass of wine free of charge.
See you in 77 Sushi!
Contact details of the Management Board’s office
Premium Food Restaurants S.A.
ul. Puławska 182
02-670 Warszawa
tel./fax: 22 870 46 66
e-mail: office@sushi77.com