77 Sushi stands not only for restaurants, but also for complex events services performed observing the highest quality standards. Years of experience and our Clients’ satisfaction showed us that events organized with 77 Sushi can satisfy even the most demanding Guests. At your request we organize business meetings, cooking classes, birthday parties, weddings, live cooking and body sushi shows.

During the events you can expect individually created menu corresponding to the event. The event can be organized at any place of your choice and according to your scenario. At special request, our Sushi Masters can visit a place that you choose and prepare sushi for you.


 If you are interested in our offer, please contact:

 Marketing Department
  538 238 863



Do you know that

All the products are ordered from reputable and reliable suppliers who deliver only the freshest fish and seafood to all our restaurants.

Our sushi is being prepared just after you place your order and is being served in the fastest possible time. We focus on the high quality of ingredients and unique taste.

To ensure your comfort and finest taste, the quality of food and service is being systematically assessed by trained auditors and mysterious clients.